B&G Honey Farm

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Dad had bees when I was a kid, then in 1989 we got a few hives to have our own honey .I tell people having bees is a lot like eating chips , you cain’t just have one you have to have more .We continued to add bees until we had over 500, we rent bees for pollination of watermelons, cantalopes, squash, strawberry’s and others crops. We also produce honey , sell bees and equipment to first time beekeepers .Our wildflower honey comes from the many different flowers in a 50 mile area and is said to aid in controlling allergies which some 75% of our sales are sold for health reasons .Our honey is pure raw honey honey with nothing added, it is notpressure filtered, cooked or pasteurized. All pure honey will granulate in time , some sooner than others .

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