Snug Hill Farm

Snug Hill Farm is a transitional chemical-free farm in Garfield, Ga. We
anticipate certification as an organic farm in 2012, following the
three-year certification process. Meanwhile, our pecans are not
sprayed with any fungicides or pesticides or other chemicals and the previous owners have not sprayed in over 50 years. We
harvest and sort ourselves, and outsource only the cracking.

Current year products:

Shelled pecans (halves and pieces)

Shelled pecan halves

Crispy pecans (soaked in mildly salted water overnight, drained and dehydrated, for most nutritional availability, richest buttery flavor and extended shelf life)

Chocolate pecan bark – made with crispy pecans in a dark chocolate base.

Chocolate coated giant crispy pecan halves. An elegant look, with a fabulous taste sensation.

We will also maintain a limited amount of in-shell nuts on hand.

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