Little Lott's Lather


My name is Emily Deal and I make soap and other body products. I started making soap in 2009 because my husband is allergic to many chemical products used in commercial soap, I was forced to buy expensive alternatives. I love being creative and making things from scratch so one day I thought, “I’ll bet I can make soap!” and that’s where it started. I’ve always adored luxurious, great smelling and NATURAL body products, and that passion has progressed into a desire to make it! My goal is to provide quality products with honest pricing. I use all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils. I endeavor to produce something you can feel good about using for all members of your family. Something that will make the everyday tasks of hygienic care into fun, relaxing, “me-time” moments. A little something special in the everyday ordinary. I carefully select all my ingredients and create my own recipes. I hope you enjoy!

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